Roots Wreck Remix: Full length EOSS CD featuring the Wroller Wreck EP, the Roots EP, and remixes by Hrvatski and Tube. 2000, out of print.
Roots: 5 track 12" EP featuring "Carrot," "Radish," "Beet," "Turnip," and "Hrvatski's Night Vision" version of "Carrot." 1999.
Wroller Wreck: 4 track 12" EP of wreck step and dubtronix from EOSS. 1998, out of print.
Herbanism: the debut, Full length CD release from EOSS. 1996, out of print.
Mashit 004: 12" vinyl: Billy Jungle. DJ C, of EOSS, remixes Shinehead's version of Billy Jean into a dancehall junglist scorcher. 2004.
Shockout 4: 12" vinyl: DJ C remixes Wayne Lonesome's "Come Back Wicked" for this Tigerbeat6 sub-label, along side OVe-NaXx and Timeblind. 2004.
Mashit 003: 12" vinyl: EOSS - Wacko Macko is Backo (DJ C, Babylon a Fall mix) is on the one side of this Mashit 12", and EOSS - Overgrown Technology remix of Moosaka is on the other. 2004.
Mashit 002: 12" vinyl: Sick - Steaktippin’ (EOSS’ Free Range mix) appears on this Mashit 12", along with a colaboration between DJ C and Pamelia Kurstin. 2003.
Mashit 001: 12" vinyl: DJ C remixes a Capleton tune in a rough and rugged junglist breakcore style. Aaron Spectre then remixes that as a punchy jungle mashdown. 2003, out of print.
Left Bank: CD: The EOSS track "SDML" appears on this compilation of Boston IDM headz. 2002.

Various RKK-13: CD: EOSS remixes "Steak Ttippin'" by Sick, from the Attention Cats compilation on Reckank- Reuzunqsklankewerkzeuge. 2001.

DJ C Live at Montserat College of Art February 10th, 2001: 3" CD: Kieth Fullerton Whitman (Hrvatski) here turns a live DJ C set into an ambient bass drone. 2001.
toneburst cd Toneburst Collective: A CD of fresh beets from the Boston electronic underground, featuring 2 tracks by EOSS, one remixed by DJ /rupture. 1998.

DJ F lack - Dispenser: CD:
EOSS remixes "The Story of Oh" on this DJ Flack full-length album. 1999.

Moosaka - Sound Thoughts: EOSS does a remix on this super-lo-fi double vinyl/CD of conceptual hip-hop from Moosaka. 1999.
CloudWatch: a Soundtrack to a Freeform Gathering V2: CD: This compilation features "Carrot" by EOSS. 2000.
Cul de Sac - The Stranglers Wife: CD: Jake Trussell of EOSS teams up with legendary "post rock" group Cul de Sac on this score for a Roger Corman film. Chosen by the Wire magazine as one of the best of 2003.
Cul de Sac - Death of the Sun: CD: Trussell and CDS colaborate again on this album, chosen by Art Forum magazine as one of the best of 2003.

Fight Like Family: CD: EOSS meets DJ FLACK in the "Story of Oh" remix on this compilation of Massachusetts based bands. 1999.

Envy 13: CD: "Magical Condition" by EOSS appears on this CD compilation of Massachusetts based bands. 1998.
Hrvatski - Swarm and Dither: CD: Hrvatski's remix of "Carrot" by EOSS appears on this Planet µ album. 2002.
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